Consultation – We see this as the most important phase of any project. Before we may apply our expertise, we carefully listen to our clients’ needs, their vision, and discuss budgetary constraints, if any. Based on extensive discussions, we develop an understanding of the client’s taste, which will help us develop a concept perfectly suited for them.

Design Development

The design development phase outlines the project and any changes at this stage can easily be made in order to ensure that the finished product will be fantastic. Design development means putting together a tangible concept for the client in the form of space planning documents, electrical, plumbing, lighting and flooring plans. In this phase, depending on the scope of the project, we may coordinate with architects and other subject matter experts.

Project management

In order to ensure timely completion of projects, one has to ensure complete project management. This encompasses a number of important aspects related to vendor management. From ensuring that orders are arriving in the stated timeframes, to releasing of payments for completed orders, one must be on top of all the key logistics related to the project.


Our clients expect the best when it comes to our work and this means ensuring that our subcontracted vendors are as professional and reliable as we are. Every project item is delivered from secured facilities by, a vetted, professional service delivery expert who will assist in the proper installation of the materials. When it comes to our delivery, we always ensure that we only use the best.